Through the creation of my film “6milessoutheast” I wish to review the demise of the english rural village in recent years. I will also be reviewing issues with living within a small rural location in east Kent, finally I aim to shed some light on what people are doing within such localities to help counteract urban to rural migration aswell as maintaining a village sense of communitas despite the village being void of established meeting places.

The work will be included within the realm of public Anthropology as the film is intended to appeal to all, not least the people of Adisham. For whom I hope the film acts as a historical point of evidence as well as inspiration for future generations.


Map 1.


Adisham is situated 6 miles southeast of Canterbury, Kent. Adisham is an ancient settlement. The Saxon King Aedbald gave it a Charter in 616 A.D. and it was recorded in the original Domesday survey. The name is Saxon and derives from the ham or home of Aedde’s people who settled there and sunk wells for water. The other small places also have names of Saxon derivation. Cooting means the followers of Coot. Bloodden was the rent from a plot of land fixed as a blood rent for a wounding. Bossington was a fortified homestead or ton of the followers of Bos. The Parish Church is 800 years old. John Bland, Rector, a radical heretic was burned at Canterbury under the Maryan persecution. The village was the home of John Reynolds, a pioneer of the Agricultural Revolution. He introduced the Swedish turnip in the 18th Century, planting trial rows.

1986. Doomsday reloaded.


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