For I am a wanderer.

I must be able to roam, to breathe, to see the sight of a fresh corner each day.

Living in Adisham makes everyday an adventure for me.

Often I cycle to Canterbury. On these days I get to say good morning to the Kestral and the Grenn woodpecker.

If I get the train, I may meet a wise man coming up from the Dover crossing or maybe a woodman heading to town for chainsaw oil.

In addition I have found a delighful house that allows me space for all my needs.

I can host feasts and music sessions infornt of the fire,

make a table in my workshop

gorge from the apple trees and rasberry vines.

Yet I am not unaware that such an open yet contained land does not come without its difficulties.

I myself often find it difficult without a village shop for essentials and I certainly miss having a local pub to be merry with others in.

Whilst trains do there best, they finish at 10.59 weekdays and I often find myself looking at the clock all to often.

I wandered therefore if I could highlight such problems and understand the causes of such. However, instead I made a film about what draws people to the village and the ongoings in a so called “dormitory village”

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