People involved

Far more inhabitants of Adisham contributed to the production of my film than were featured within. For various reasons people did not wish to be filmed or recorded, however I thank individuals that aided me greatly.

The two people who were involved in interviews were a long term local man named Bill and lady who had emmigrated from Iran and was now living in the village named Naseem.

Bill: has regarded the village as his “base” for the last 85 years. Whilst he informed me that the Army and his thatching jobs had taken him further a field he was always on the villages electoral register and was currently living in the house he was brought up in. Bill had no desire to move away from the village, despite a lack of services and clearly held an intrinsic and un-rivaled knowledge of the local area.

My time with Bill has taught me much about the village and he aided my project throughout, informing me of key individuals I should talk too and providing me with a rich over view of life in Adisham. Bill lives opposite my home. This was a key factor in the development of our relationship, as I was able to return the “favor” by helping him in the garden and other small errands.



Naseem: Naseem moved to the village 6 months ago from Canterbury. She discussed that she was able to live in a much bigger house in the countryside for the same money as a very samll flat in Canterbury. In addition she valued the abundant wildlife in rural locations. However Naseem did disclose that life was sometimes made difficult by living in the village, in particular, employment opportunities were hard to come by and she was reliant on the train system to travel further afield.


Discussing my project with Naseem, helped me understand why people move to rural locations, even when it appears that there are few amenities and services. She confirmed to me that living in the countryside was beyond an economic decision and that being somewhere with a slower pace of life, led to a completely different way and quality of life.



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