Related literature.

  • Kalantaridis, C. (2010). In-migration, entrepreneurship and rural–urban interdependencies: The case of East Cleveland, North East England. Journal of Rural Studies, 26(4), 418-427.
An interesting adticle looking at both the advantages and disadvantages of the dependence of rural villagers on local towns and cities.

Looking abroad. How rural to urban migration is promoted in the developing world. Whilst such is on a different scale in England. Do the lack of services push people to move to the cities?



An article from 2008, highlighting many of the social issues I had expected to encounter in Adisham.




  • Scott, J. C. (2009). The art of not being governed: An anarchist history of upland Southeast Asia. Yale University Press.

A revelolutionary insight into rebellion against the “state” and why people moved out of cities and into the hills.

Perhaps another reason for why people move to the villages of rural Britain. To escape the control of the state and their video cameras.



A short journal written by an economist on the future difficulties of life in British villages.

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